10 Tips To Fall In Love With Self-Care πŸ‚


School is back in session and the first ‘official’ day of fall is just around the corner [September 22nd if you need a reminder]. Whether you are excited or sad about the end of summer, we can all agree that it’s arrival heralds a more sedate life-pace. Shorter days and cool weather means more time cuddled up in layers and with loved ones. It also gives us the time to enjoy the quiet.

With this more sedate pace, you now have the freedom to explore a bit more self-care. These simple tips/rituals are meant to increase your mind-body connection and even applying 3-5 tips can have a lasting impact on your overall health and well-being. Let us know your favorites in the comments below and Happy Fall Y’allΒ πŸ‚πŸŽƒβ˜•πŸŒ°

10 Tips To Fall In Love With Self-Care

  1. Workouts
    1. Chilly weather often makes us want to bundle up or hibernate, but a daily sweat is key to cleanse our body of toxins, increase productivity and creativity and helps ward off seasonal depression. Find a local Kaia FIT near you to join in for a class, anytime.
  2. Nutritional Balance
    1. Β It isn’t easy to stay on track when fall/winter season approach. We crave the comfort of more dense/hearty foods and may even consume more calories under the misconception that we need extra fuel during the cooler months. While there are hundreds of Kaia-approved hearty soups out there, challenge yourself this winter to make changes in your habits that can be disruptive. Crowd out sugar, beer, processed carbs, and other ‘winter-style’ cravings with fruit, kombucha, and nuts. Have a plan in place to stop yourself from making a choice that can cause guilt, bloating and/or lethargy.
  3. Cold Weather Combatants
    1. Cold weather typically implies dry skin. Dry skin can cause pre-mature aging, be uncomfortable and in some cases, down-right painful. Some of our favorite go-to moisturizers are vegan, budget friendly and smell [naturally] delicious. Check out Trader Joe’s Organic Argon OilΒ and use it for your face, hands, and even hair!
  4. Connect with Nature
    1. Is there anything more beautiful than the earth transitioning in front of your eyes? Plan 1-2 nature walks every week, involving the family, friends, or pets. Make a commitment to get outside and see the beauty surrounding you. These nature walks are great for reconnection, relieving stress and clearing your mind.
  5. Greens are Great
    1. Adding a scoop of powder greens to your smoothie or water is a great way to add color to your daily caloric intake. Powder greens make it easy to boost your immune system, achieve alkaline balance, and get antioxidants. There are tons of options on the market, so find what works for your budget and family.
  6. Meditation
    1. Taking 5 minutes in the morning to meditate can clarify your daily plan and encourages peace of mind that can assist during stressful work or home-life situations. Try downloading the app Calm or Headspace to help guide you through these short meditations.
  7. Soak Up the Love
    • Baths in general are an excellent way to de-stress, and adding Epsom salt is just the icing on the bubbles. Not only does Epsom salt help cleanse you of toxins, it assists with aches and pains, and the Magnesium sulfate has several other positive effects on the human body. It aids in many enzymatic functions, helps to regulate fluid retention in cells, and facilitates the body’s use of calcium to transmit chemical signals throughout the nervous system.

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